Slate PC offers a complete Tablet evaluation service for corporate customers who have an assigned project for Tablet procurement, but need to confirm the Tablet hardware will match their workflow usage scenario before purchasing. Unlike other companies who only seem capable of delivering a box to your door, we care about your Tablet project and can advise you on how to ensure your Tablet project is implemented successfully.

Our Slate PC Evaluation service enables you to make sure that your chosen hardware meets your business expectations by completing a proof of concept with your staff, your software and your workflow. We can provide the complete Slate PC hardware set including accessories to replicate the end user experience in a production environment, and provide onsite initialisation training to ensure that the staff trialling the Slate PC equipment know everything we know about how to get the most out of the device.

Selecting the right Slate PC hardware can be a confusing process for the uninitiated. A lot of Slate PC hardware on the market now appears very similar but in our experience, the 'devil is in the detail' with differences between every single product on the market, not only from a hardware perspective, but from a supply, service and support perspective as well.

Purchasing the wrong device can be an expensive mistake, with cheap tablets not always turning out to be a bargain.

Before trying to choose a Tablet device for your business, you need to define your requirements by analysing the workflow you are trying to improve. What are the specific requirements for the end users performing this task? Understanding your end user workflow is an important aspect of understanding your requirements for Tablet PC technology and can also help you to understand what other mobile technology is needed such as accessories, wireless infrastructure, in vehicle solutions and additional software. Some questions we normally ask are:



  • What environment is the worker primarily in?
  • How remote are employees?
  • Can you rely on “an always connected” application, or do you need “store and forward”?
  • Do your workers need a higher amount of power, specific carrying case or a vehicle mount?
  • Is a barcode scanner or camera needed?
  • What operating system is needed to run all the software systems?
  • Is data entered more easily with a keyboard, a stylus or by touch?
  • How sensitive is the work being performed and what level of security is needed?




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