About Us

"Choosing the right tablet for your business is not just about the hardware. Its about your workflow, and matching your business processes to suit the latest technology available, ensuring human compatibility and giving you the right platform on which to grow".

In 2020 SLATE PC celebrates 11 years of supplying rugged computer solutions, whilst the computer hardware has advanced considerably our customer service focus remains the same, using our extensive experience providing rugged computers to business customers who work in challenging environments; changing business processes from being paper based to digital with the latest hardware platform; providing training to manage the transition and combining different hardware, software, and accessories from different manufacturers to achieve a unique solution for every client.

SLATE PC get involved with every aspect of the computer life cycle from pre-sales advice, to onsite training and deployment. We know what we are talking about when we tell you which device will not work for your business, and which one will. And instead of just shipping you a box and hoping it works we get actively involved to prove it does work - before you buy anything - if you go through our proven evaluation process.

SLATE PC are proud of the successful tablet implementations we have been involved in with businesses both large and small, and would be happy to share some of the stories with you. We punch above our weight with exceptional customer service and competitive pricing due to our online and onsite business model.

You are welcome to browse our website, or contact us on (02) 9191 4991 during business hours, or via email at sales@slatepc.com.au