Slate PC In-Vehicle Solutions are end-to-end mounting systems, designed for the highest levels of safety, performance, ergonomics and usability. Our In-Vehicle portfolio includes a range of docks, mounting devices and accessories that can seamlessly integrate with the latest Tablet PC Technology on the market.

How to choose a in-vehicle mounting solution for your Slate PC.
There are a number of different ways to mount a Slate PC in your car, 4WD or Truck including temporary and permanent mounts, that can simply hold your tablet in place, or provide more functionality to be able to securely lock in place, or provide full port replication to be able to attach peripherals such as keyboards, or external power supplies.

Most manufacturers of Tablets will not have their own vehicle dock. And adapting a tablet to use a third party dock does not always provide a great solution. From a road safety perspective there can be serious consequences if a Tablet PC obscures vision, obstructs airbags, or falls off during heavy braking. Slate PC can advise you on how you can have a fully compliant in vehicle computing solution that will provide the functionality you are looking for, together with end user safety, without breaking the bank.

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Some questions for consideration are:

  1. What model vehicle/s do you have (including year model)?
  2. What type of Slate PC are you planning on using In Vehicle?
  3. What functionality do you need in vehicle? i.e. port replication, GPS pass-through, tilt/rotate/swing movement, lockable, screen blanking technology etc.
  4. Do you require a fully compliant installation?
  5. Do you require in vehicle installation onsite?



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