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SLATE PC provides purposeful rugged tablet solutions

Mainstream tablets like Apple iPads, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Tablets are not built rugged, because for most people working inside an office they don’t need to be. But when you start taking these non-rugged tablets outside, even with a basic case that might have shipped with the device, you can start to experience high failure rates because the tablets were simply not designed to work in environments, that include being dropped, or being exposed to dust, dirt, water, heat, and vibration etc.

SLATE PC can take a non-rugged device, like Microsoft Surface Go & Pro, Apple iPad, or Samsung Galaxy and upgrade it to include some of the features that you would find on a rugged tablet, like being completely waterproof or dust proof, or have an integrated barcode reader. 

Mounting systems built-in to the back of our rugged cases allow you to more easily mount your device and fit in with how you work, in your industry.

Our advanced rugged cases include integrated expansion options like Barcode Readers, NFC range extenders, Mag Stripe Readers or 3D cameras, with industry specific designs versions such as Anti-Microbial for Healthcare or Intrinsically Safe for Hazadous Environments.

Need something different? Full rugged case customisation services are available with your corporate branding, logo or colours (*minimum order quantities apply). 

SLATE PC also supplies the latest purpose built rugged tablets and rugged notebook devices from leading brands.  Contact our sales team today on +61 2 9191 4991 for expert advice, we can help you find the right tool for the job.